Asbestos Risk Assessment Calculator

Asbestos Risk Assessment

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This calculator uses the masterial risk scoring algorithm from the 'MDHS100 surveying, sample and assessment of asbestos containing materials guide' to calculate a score of between 0 and 12. This is the material risk score and the higher the score the higher the risk of the material.

If you select an option from the accessibility box this tool will calculate a recommended action. This is not definitive and should only be used as a guide. AMS do not accept responsibility for the recommendations made by this calculator.

If you have concerns about the material in your property and wish to discuss management options please contact our team on 01732 368359.

Material risk score:

Recommended Action:

Select values for each of the following and click on the Calculate button to get a material risk assessment.


Indicates the level of damage to the material.


Used to indicate how well the material is protected from damage and subsequent fibre release. Surface treatments can range from paper, paint, and PVA to cladding and boxing. Composite materials such as plastics and vinyls have there own category.


The type of asbestos as identified by a UKAS accredited laboratory.This can be one or a mixture of Chrysotile, Amosite (also Tremolite, Anthophylite or Actinolite) and Crocidolite. Where you are unable to take a sample of a material but are presuming it to be asbestos because of its characteristics use 'Presumed as asbestos'.


The material type that is suspected or proved to contain asbestos fibres.

How accessible is the material? If its in a loft space then its low if its in your corridor its high.